Just by chance, Skip and I met in 2012 – and we are so glad we did!  Skip and I had an instant connection and were immediately best friends.  We learned we were both passionate about photography, classic cars, cooking and travel adventures. And so began our journey!

As a cancer survivor, I was just starting to transition from Information Technology to my passion of photography. I was ready to put the worst behind me and share my photographs on SusanMarksPhotography.com   Skip was just wrapping up a very successful career in aviation and ready to transition towards a well deserved retirement to pursue his passion of British cars.

But life happens and occasionally, we had to put some adventures on hold.  In spite of several health and financial hurdles the past few years, we persevered our dreams and kept scheduling fun time on our calendars!  We are a bit older now, maybe a few more aches and pains, but still having fun exploring together! This blog/website will share not only some recent travels we have had (Maui!) but also great stories and pictures from our past travels, fun events, classic car experiences, and some tips on what it takes to remain good friends.

Thank you for your support!

Susan Marks and Skip Kerekes

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